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Updated 3 months ago by Jaspreet Bakshi

LinkedIn does not allow API access to your data stored with them, and so if you would like data about your LinkedIn connections in any other application (for example, inside DotAlign), you need to download your data in a CSV or ZIP file from your LinkedIn account and then upload it into the 3rd party app.

Apart from being something that has to be done manually, the data that is available to download is limited to first degree connections. Still, depending on what use cases you are using DotAlign for, it may be an important source of data for you.

Please follow these steps to bring in your LinkedIn connections into DotAlign.

  1. Go to the LinkedIn data export page by clicking here. Check the "Connections" checkbox and then click on the "Request archive" button.

LinkedIn imposes a time delay between the time you make the request and the time you can download the archive, and so you have to come back to the same screen a few minutes later to be able to download it. At that point the screen will have a button labeled "Download archive".

Please click the "Download archive" button to download the file onto your computer.

  1. Now that you have the download from LinkedIn, go to your Avatar in your DotAlign app, and then choose "Data Sources".

  1. Scroll down to the LinkedIn section, and click on the "Upload" button in that section.
  1. This will give you a popup, which allows you to upload the file you previously zip file of your connections you downloaded from LinkedIn.
  1. Once the upload is complete, you will see the following confirmation dialog.

At this point your DotAlign app has received and processed your connections file. However, it can still take a few more hours for those connections to show up in the app because entity alignment and other analytics need to run for that to happen, and those are scheduled to run only periodically.

Unlike mailbox based data, LinkedIn connections are not automatically refreshed. You can periodically download your connections file from LinkedIn and upload it to get your latest connections into DotAlign.

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