Data Sources

Updated by Jaspreet Bakshi

For each person who contributes data to the system, DotAlign analyzes information about their relationships with the people and companies they know. The main source of this information is the contributor's mailbox - their emails, calendar events, and contact cards - and information from other sources such as LinkedIn first-degree connections can also be added.

There is a dedicated page that helps each data contributor see more details about the sources of information accessible to the system. This page is accessible via the in-app menu by clicking on the user avatar on desktop, or the menu icon on mobile.

The data sources page includes the following information:

  • A list of the different source types - for example, mailbox data or file uploads
  • For each source type, details about the specific assets available. E.g. each accessible mailbox may include email messages, calendar events, and contact cards.
  • For each asset, information about its processing status, relevant date range or timestamp data, and a count of how many items have been processed

The page also allows a user to add additional sources of information, such as LinkedIn first-degree connections.

All information will be shared in accordance with the data contributor's settings. For example, if the contributor's share settings for Team 1 include contact information, email addresses for contacts will be shared with that team regardless of whether those emails addresses were sourced from calendar events or from a LinkedIn upload. To review and manage share settings, go to the team page.

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