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The events page is where you can see all your meetings for today, tomorrow or any day of your choosing. Along with that you can see the people and companies you are going to meet, and easily see information about them, including your latest email messages back and forth with them.

This makes it very easy for a user to get up to speed with information they may need during the meeting.

On the left are filters to help you narrow down the meetings list. In the middle are the meetings, along with some helpful actions to help you respond to a meeting, launch the video conference etc. On the right are the details of the selected meeting.

As you can see, you have easy access to the people and companies involved with the meeting.

When you click on a person or company, you can see their profile, including your interactions with them, right there in-line.

Users can also navigate to the Events page on a mobile device and expect the same full experience they would have on a desktop device.


Users can only see the events and interactions they are on

A user can see only data from their own mailbox and all authentication and access is protected by Azure Active Directory. In no circumstance can a user access data that they were not already authorized to see in their own mailbox.

Events and interactions are shown directly from Microsoft Graph in real-time

Your firm's DotAlign database does not store event and interaction details (like subject and body). And so all event and interaction information you see in the application is fetched on the fly, directly from Microsoft Graph, which is the Microsoft owned system that stores your firm email data.

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