DotAlign Cloud Chrome and Edge browser extension

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The DotAlign Cloud browser extension brings DotAlign functionality to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The browser extension lights up on selected websites (, and, to supplement the information you have on those sites with information that DotAlign Cloud extracts from the mailboxes comprising your network.

This is how it looks on The sidebar on the right is DotAlign Cloud.

It also has a "mini" mode so it does not interfere with your experience on the host website.

And a fully collapsed view if you need it.

Deploying the extension

The extension works in Chrome and Edge and is available in the Chrome web store at the following location.

Click on the "Add to Chrome" button, to add it to your Chrome or Edge browsers.

Chrome web store page for DotAlign Cloud

On clicking "Add to Chrome", you will see the following dialog.

Confirmation dialog for adding extension to Chrome

Click on "Add extension", and the extension will be added to your Chrome extension list. You can pin it if you like, for easier access.

Then click on "Options"...

Accessing the options page for the DotAlign Cloud Chrome extension

And paste in the URL of your DotAlign Cloud app. Note that the URL is usually be in the format or

Pasting the DotAlign Cloud deployment URL into the options page for the extension

You can obtain your URL from the browser when you access the regular DotAlign Cloud app or ask your company admin responsible for DotAlign.

At this point, you are all set. Now when you browse to, or, the plugin will light up and show you information from DotAlign Cloud.

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