DotAlign Cloud IT Administrator FAQs

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Following are answers to frequently asked questions by IT admins working with DotAlign. If you're looking for FAQs focused on new end-users of DotAlign Cloud, please click here.

What is DotAlign Cloud?

DotAlign Cloud is a privacy-first solution that provides relationship intelligence by securely analyzing interaction data from mailboxes (email messages, calendar entries, and contact cards), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and LinkedIn to show strength of relationships, up to date contact information and more. All analysis happens on your firm's network and no third parties (including DotAlign, Inc.) have access to any resources or data.

Please click here to watch a short explainer video.

Does DotAlign Cloud meet my firm's security standards?

Each firm has its own information security sign-off process, and in all likelihood, DotAlign Cloud has already successfully cleared your firm's security review process, as we have done for many other FINRA compliant firms and global banks.

During the security review process, DotAlign's team shares in-depth info-sec details, and walks through the various Microsoft Azure resources and security features used to secure the solution. Examples of security features in use are private end points for the Azure SQL Database and an Azure VNET for controlling in-bound and out-bound traffic to and from the Azure App Services.

An article answering some security and privacy FAQs can be found here.

How is DotAlign able to guarantee that no third parties have access to the firm's sensitive data?

DotAlign Cloud is deployed on your firm's Azure tenant, with no access granted to any parties outside your firm. The solution is deployed in a single-tenant fashion and is exclusive to your firm. All resources and data live only inside the tenant, and all processing happens there.

How is DotAlign Cloud deployed to my firm's Azure tenant?

DotAlign Cloud is deployed by running a PowerShell script that does the full set up. There is no manual work that needs to be done besides running the script. More details and steps can be found here.

What would be the maintenance burden on my firm's IT team because of DotAlign Cloud?

We expect a very low maintenance burden on your firm's IT team. The initial deployment takes 30 minutes or so and requires your firm's Azure administrator to be involved. Subsequently, the solution automatically updates itself as new versions are released by DotAlign, Inc.

Occasionally, there may be bugs or other issues raised by users or found otherwise, that require the DotAlign team to work with your IT team to resolve (because the DotAlign team does not have any direct access to the deployment). This usually take the form of a meeting where the DotAlign team requests a screen share to walk through some debugging/troubleshooting steps toward the solution.

Who is responsible for the health of my firm's DotAlign Cloud deployment?

Your DotAlign Cloud subscription includes monitoring and support of your DotAlign Cloud deployment, and so the DotAlign team will proactively monitor and support it. This happens through application logs which are constantly monitored by the DotAlign support team. In many cases, if an issue is discovered, the fix is made and deployed automatically to your firm's deployment. Occasionally, the DotAlign support team may reach out to your IT team to get additional access or help toward the solution.

Your subscription also includes most updates and new features and functionality that are released by DotAlign.

How can end-users within my firm access DotAlign Cloud?

End-users within your firm can access DotAlign Cloud in the following ways:

  1. Using a browser on their desktop or laptop machine
  2. Using a browser on their mobile device
  3. Using the DotAlign Outlook add-in
  4. Using the DotAlign Chrome/Edge extension

How can I set up the DotAlign browser extension for my users?

The DotAlign browser extension can be installed directly from the Chrome web store or can be pushed out to users using Group Policy. You can learn more about the extension here.

Who should I reach out to with questions/concerns or in case of issues?

Please reach out to with any question, concerns or feedback.

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