Setting up a sync to Microsoft SQL Server or Snowflake

Updated by Jaspreet Bakshi

DotAlign provides a sync utility that can be run on your servers, at an interval of your choosing, to sync data from your DotAlign Cloud deployment to Microsoft SQL Server or Snowflake.

The steps to set up the sync are as follows.

  1. Expose the DotAlignCloud.Read.All scope from your primary app registration and create a secondary app registration to consume it. Detailed steps to do so can be found here:

  1. Download and unzip the sync utility, and populate the accompanying sample environment file with credentials for the SQL Server and the DotAlign Cloud API (ClientId and ClientSecret from the earlier steps). Detailed steps can be found here:

  1. Run the command to sync people and company profiles, which will look similar to the following (depending on what your input parameters are).

da_profile_sync.exe --teamNumber 1 --schema da --envFile <PATH_TO_ENV_FILE>

  1. Set up the command to run once a week (or whatever the desired frequency is)

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