Entity alignment and identity auditing

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Entity alignment is a challenge in any system that deals with people and companies data. If not done well, it can lead to lower data quality and worse, missed insights and opportunities. However, it is hard to get right, takes way too much manual effort, and ends up getting out of date fairly easily. In one of the larger firms we've worked with, close to $60 million were being spent every year just to make sure the identities of people and companies were consistent across their seven lines of business.

DotAlign Cloud has a smart, automated and patented entity alignment system that looks for clues in the data to figure out which identities go into which basket. This is something that is always ongoing in the background, so it always up to date, and leads to a dynamic and clean view of your people and companies data. Furthermore, privacy and compliance concerns are also accounted for when dealing with identity data to ensure that your firm's status with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are not jeopardized.

The system maintains the tokens that form the identity of each person or company. Depending on the data available to the system at any time, which itself depends on which mailboxes and other sources are being analyzed and what the contributors have decided to share with each other, the list of tokens identifying a person or company may change over time.

Users can click on the "AUDIT" button on a person or company profile to view identity auditing information for that entity.

That allows the user to see the identity tokens that have been discovered for the person or company in question.

The tokens are shown in pairs that were discovered together. This allows the creation of a "basket of identifiers" for each entity (person or company).

The user can see the tokens, the pairing and also the sources that those pairings were discovered in. For example, if the mailbox jerry@dotalign.com had an inbound email from jasmine.jones@hazy.com with the display name Jasmine Jones, then a pairing between jasmine.jones@hazy.com and Jasmine Jones will be created.

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