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DotAlign analyzes email data (messages, calendar entries, and contact cards) to provide up-to-date contact information and relationship intelligence that colleagues within a firm can choose to share with one another.

The application is deployed on your Azure tenant and all data storage and processing happen there. While no user data leaves your Azure tenant, system logs are sent to a DotAlign account with a third party logging service called Loggly. The helps us improve your experience and proactively identify, investigate, and address issues - while simultaneously keeping your data private & secure within your Azure tenant.

How is the system log data protected?

Loggly has implemented security standards and operational processes using industry standards, and (as of the time of writing) can be used in environments regulated by PCI, HIPAA, and EU data protection. You can learn more about Loggly's security practices at https://www.loggly.com/product/security/.

What data is included in system logs?

The system logs contain the following types of information:

Type of Data


Information that helps us identify which clients and users may be experiencing issues

  • Azure instance name
  • Team name
  • Email address of each user whose mailbox data is being analyzed
  • Machine name
  • Client host IP address

Errors & troubleshooting information

  • Exception messages
  • Stacktraces e.g. for unsuccessful SQL queries
  • The status (success/failure) of operations being performed in the system

Performance-related information

  • Start time, end time, and elapsed time for each step in the data processing pipeline
  • Start time, end time, and elapsed time for each analytics step performed on the data

System logs do not contain data analyzed on behalf of a user, nor do they contain the relationship insights generated from that data. Email content, subject lines, which people and companies employees know - this sort of information never leaves your Azure tenant.
The security and privacy of your data is critically important to us and a central pillar of why DotAlign, Inc. exists and makes the products we do. If you have further questions about what data leaves your Azure tenant, please click the "Contact" button at the top of this web page or email us at team@dotalign.com.

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