Pre-deployment preparation

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DotAlign Cloud is a privacy-first solution that provides relationship intelligence by securely analyzing interaction data from mailboxes (email messages, calendar entries, and contact cards), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and LinkedIn to show strength of relationships, up to date contact information and more. All analysis happens on your firm's network and no third parties (including DotAlign, Inc.) have access to any resources or data

It is deployed by running a PowerShell script. The entire process takes about 15-30 minutes and requires an admin with privileges to create Azure resource and grant API permissions to the Microsoft Graph API.

Before installing DotAlign Cloud, you should identify the following.

  1. Subscription id - The GUID of the Azure subscription you would like to use. Let's call that SUBSCRIPTION_ID.
  2. Admin group id - The GUID of the Azure AD group, the members of which will be considered admins by DotAlign Cloud. You could use an existing group or create a new one, e.g. “DotAlign-Admins”. The members of this group will be able to define teams and assign users to those teams through a web interface. Let's call that the ADMIN_GROUP_ID.
  3. Resource group name - An appropriate name for the resource group which will be created during deployment of DotAlign Cloud. For example, "dotalign-companyname-prod" or "company-prod" etc. You may have a standard naming convention for resource group names, in which case you can also use that. An ideal name would be something which included your company and department name (if the deployment is specific to a department). Let's call it the RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME.

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